How to choose a moving company

Choosing a contractor is probably the most emotional and resource-intensive part of the preparation. First of all, it is worth considering companies that work under a contract. It should clearly spell out the responsibilities of the parties, insured events, algorithms for the delivery and acceptance of work, the type of transport (the presence of an all-metal – not tarpaulin – body and a suitable carrying capacity). A plus will be the company’s developed branch structure. If you initially communicate with a company representative by phone, pay attention to the questions you are asked. A professional will definitely ask about the number of storeys, the availability of elevators (including freight), the number and type of property, the need to dismantle or dismantle interior elements. It is also great if they tell you how the move will go, how many employees will work, how long each stage of the move will take.

About money
An expert will make an exact calculation of the cost of moving, but you can estimate the approximate amount. It will be affected by: the number of specialists and the time of their work, the volume and type of car, the amount of packaging and protective materials, the complexity of the move.

Shot of a couple packing up boxes for moving into new apartment

The number of employees that the moving company will send to order and the size of the furniture van that will be required directly depend on the volume of the transported property and the necessary services. The number of storeys and access to apartments determines the need for manual lowering and lifting of furniture and equipment. Do not forget about transport accessibility: if it is difficult or impossible for trucks to travel to one of the addresses, this will increase the work time of loaders and, consequently, the cost. The use of packaging material for protection will also affect the cost. Its price is not so high, but the advantages for the safety of transported things are obvious.

If the budget is limited, then you can reduce the cost by taking on some of the work yourself, for example, the process of preparing and packing things. Don’t save. The risk of damage to equipment and furniture transported without packaging is too great, and the cost of repair or replacement may end up being more than the cost of moving.

Most importantly, critically evaluate the proposals that are voiced to you over the phone. If a company refuses to send an appraiser, names only the cost per hour of work, or persistently promotes the campaign “one job at a fixed price”, “one-room apartment at a low cost” – this is a reason to be wary. Often such promotional offers turn out to be a publicity stunt, where the price includes a minimum amount of work, and the final cost will be higher than that of companies that are initially ready to conduct an assessment.