Why a warm warehouse is the best option

For winter storage of things, you need not just a warehouse, but a warm warehouse with all the necessary conditions – so that your things are stored carefully and you pick them up safe and sound.

A warm warehouse is a storage room where the same temperature is constantly maintained. Usually it is in the region of + 18-20 degrees Celsius, which is necessary to protect things. But in conditions of a changeable climate, as in Moscow, there are certain requirements for warehouses, which we will discuss below.

What should be the storage conditions in a warm warehouse

1. First of all, it should be warm in winter and vice versa – not hot in summer. Usually this is the same temperature so that there are no sudden changes, which is what climate control systems serve for.

2. A certain level of humidity all year round – this will protect things from the fact that they become damp and deteriorate.

3. Lack of direct sunlight – again, so that neither fabrics nor coatings fade or deteriorate.

4. Regular ventilation. Air circulation is simply necessary so that old air does not accumulate inside the room, creating a “mezzanine effect”.

5. Regular cleaning is essential to prevent dust from accumulating on stored goods and items.

6. And also in a modern warm warehouse there should be a modern storage system and a security system, including, among other things:

barcoding system for customer items;
logistics system;
round the clock security;
video surveillance without blind spots;
access control with access only for warehouse employees.