Why do you need a temporary storage warehouse?

Now the seasons are changing. Some things become temporarily unnecessary for us, while others are needed on the contrary. It would be nice to have time to change summer dresses for warm sweaters on the shelves in the off-season and not try to “shove the unpushable” into your dressing rooms. To change means that all summer clothes, shoes, accessories, as well as sports equipment – bicycles, scooters, tents and barbecues – need to be stored somewhere for about six months. What are the options:

balcony: close, free, but bad for things (frost, humidity, mold);
pantry: close, but everything will not fit;
garage: good capacity, but far, difficult and unsafe (things can go bad if the garage is not heated);
dacha: everything here is similar to a garage;
a warm warehouse for storing things – but this is a great option: ideal conditions, inexpensive and safe.